Friday, May 26, 2006


We really wish we could be excited by the news that that Paul Simon played a surprised London date to play through his new album.

But that album includes this line:

I'm going to stand guard like a postcard of a golden retriever/
And never leave ya

The sort of line which is only step away from turning up outside your knicker factory not knowing what day it is.


Al said...

I don't see anything crazy about this quote. Break it down for a Kentuckian such as myself. What's wrong with this lyric, exactly?

I suppose you could argue that this song is a bit overly sweet, but play it mixed in with the angst of "How Can You Live in the Northeast?" and "Outrageous."
This is a brilliant Paul Simon album.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

What's wrong with it?

First of all, it rhymes "retriever" with "leave ya", which suggests a man who would have taken any rhyme he could up with.

Secondly... well, the whole concept of that line is the sort of thing a younger man, not told he's a genius, would cross out and burn.

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