Friday, July 14, 2006


As if bringing Leo Sayer back - briefly - from a Shuttleworth-guesting netherworld wasn't enough, the remix team behind Meck's Thunder in My Heart are Lazarushing again.

They've reworked Curiosity Killed The Cat's Name and Number for the 21st century. Not totally, of course, because then instead of "Hey/how you doin'/sorry I'm not home/if you leave your name and number..." it'd go "To enquire about financial products, press one/ to report a robbery, press two/ to hear the options again press star" and then play the Four Seasons for thirty minutes.

Curiosity Killed The Cat were skewered by John Walters at the time who observed that, while the little girls screeched for "Beeeen" during the gigs, as soon as the concert ended and they were told to go home, they stopped shouting and went. With Duran, of course, they'd have carried on screaming and fought their way into the dressing rooms.

Ben Volpierre-Pierrot, the lead singer, famously appeared in the advert for the launch of the Indepedent. Back then, The Indie had a broadsheet format and Ben was living in luxurious circumstances, but over the last twenty years both have downsized somewhat.

Curiosity Killed The Cat best ofPlug: You can expect a new best of soon, we suppose, but this is the one that's been gathering dust for ten long years.