Friday, July 14, 2006


The legislators of America - who, you might have thought, would have other things to worry about - are thinking of junking the one cent piece.

Kevin Federline - who, you might have thought, would have other things to worry about - is campaigning to stop that happening.

Is Fordeconoline angry that the press reports that a one cent piece costs more than one cent to make misunderstands the way that as coins pass from hand to hand the value they represent to the national economy is multiplied each time? Or does he fret that, since capitalists tend to take any change in national currency as an opportunity to round up rather than rounding to the nearest five cents, losing the cent will create a mini-inflationary burp and that the people with the highest marginal propensity to consume, those on lowest incomes, will be hit hardest?

Or is he just thinking that as it's not long before he's back in the subway wanking for coins that it's best to ensure passers-by have as much spare change as possible?

[Thanks to Gary White for the story]

Meanwhile, the day when Fuddingdoaline comes home to discover his pants hanging on a bush and the locks changes surely gets closer with his plans to record a duet with Shar Jackson. It's not just she's his ex, but an ex who hates his wife. Understandably, of course, as Fed dumped her for Britney while she was thirteen months pregnant with his kids. Just how desperate is Kevin for a hit?

Or maybe a slap.