Friday, July 28, 2006


You might be wondering what Bono is up to this weekend. Go on, guess.

Nope, not some light DIY followed by a barbecue for The Edge and that bloke from the Virgin Prunes.

No: his plans to sort out the lagging in the loft must be put on hold for another week.

Because, in fact, Bono will be sharing a stage with Fox News' Roger Ailes addressing a bunch of Rupert Murdoch's flunkies at the News International summer getaway.

Clinton, Gore, Blair and Peres will be there, but they at least have the grace to admit they're politicians seeking approval of the world's most Australian American. But how does Bono justify going along to be a dancing bear for the Fox News massive?

Oh... yes, he's one of them, isn't he. We keep forgetting that.

Remember, Bono - when you're rubbing the suntan lotion into Murdoch's crackly old skin, make sure there's plenty round the butt. It needs to be fresh for the weekend of kissing you've signed up to.