Friday, July 28, 2006


Singer and actress and train-wreck Lindsay Lohan got a surprise letter while in hospital recovering from "heat exhaustion or something plausible sounding like that", from the CEO of the company paying for her current movie.

James Robinson also thought to CC the entire world in, too:

"You have acted like a spoiled child and in doing so have alienated many of your coworkers and endangered the quality of this picture," Robinson added, claiming that Lohan's actions had caused "hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage" to the production.

A spokesperson for Morgan Creek Productions confirmed the letter's authenticity, but said the company had no further comment. There was no immediate comment from Lohan's camp.

Robinson, 70, rather savvily informed his 20-year-old talent that he was "well aware" that her "ongoing heavy all night heavy partying" was the reason for her "so-called exhaustion," rather than the illness to which she had attributed her late arrivals and absences from the set.

Mind you, if all it takes to send a Lohan movie into turnaround is a couple of Bacardi Breezers and Spiral from Big Brother djing, surely that's a price worth paying?