Saturday, July 15, 2006


Israel is bombarding Lebanon. Iran has got hold of How To Make A Nuclear Bomb off eBay, sold to it by North Korea. The gas industry in Russia - without which nobody will be having a patio-heater next summer - is being passed around the hands of increasingly shady legitimate businesspeople. Afghanistan is turning into another Iraq, which in turn can't decide if it wants to be another Vietnam, or a Balkans without end.

And what does the BPI want our foreign secretary to talk to Vladimir Putin about?

Why AllofMp3 is allowed to carry on unmolested.

These people really do behave as if the EMI share price is the most pressing matter of public concern. If Beckett does waste time muttering away about a trade dispute at the behest of a bunch of private companies, it'll be a sign it's time for her to start spending more time in her caravan.

Besides, wasn't the BPI about to embark on legal action in the British courts to have the site closed down? If it's so confident of its case, why does it need to get Beckett to work as their trade mission to Russia?