Saturday, July 15, 2006


Presumably he'd realised he was meant to be having a horrible time of things, what with not having had a major crisis in weeks, so Eminem has managed to site himself in the midst of some fresh trouble.

He's accused of assaulting a bloke in a stripclub's toilets.

Why, yes, it was on 8Mile, why do you ask?

What is alleged is someone saw Em in the bogs, and went up to say hi. The Mathers Minders reacted as you or I might if we were being paid to look after the sort of paranoid wreck who goes to strip clubs but takes minders with him, and got a bit nasty. A bystander, Miad J, suggested they take it a bit more gently, whereupon he ceased to be a bystander and, he says, was attacked by Em:

“Eminem got done and boom! He started swinging. I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business and taking a leak.”

So... he came out fighting to protect his minders. Does he get money back for that?