Sunday, July 16, 2006


Seven days on No Rock & Roll Fun:

The ten most-read articles:

1. Madonna dances with Kravitz; Guy is unimpressed
2. Porny old Heather Mills
3. Yes, porny old Heather Mills
4. Is KT Tunstall a lesbian? Some people want to know
5. McFly remove all their clothes
6. The Automatic take on Sandi Thom
7. Eminem pops up for the BET awards
8. Chris Martin is Marjorie Dawes
9. Noel Gallagher's gay secret
10. Lily Allen isn't trading on the family name. Much.

The week's festival was T in the Park

You can read everything from the week on a single page
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And, coughing politely, we made the following recommendations:

Skewed, sexy, sweaty, naked, naughty, twisted VAST double

The reworking and reconstruction of Four Calender Cafe has been so lavish, it puts the Albert Memorial to shame

Gaye Bykers On Acid wrapped up in one handy, wipe clean package

The Guillemotts proud to be called "odd-looking" by The Sun

Sufjan decides the Illinoise outtakes were worth a release after all

Bjork box set featuring everything but the girl

Greg Dulli's poignancy-laden solo sideproject

Liverpool's great undiscovered joy: Tramp Attack

Sonic Boom Six share no members but a bloody-minded experimental approach with the Spaceman Three

This scared the marrow out of me when I was little: flying children at the window, David Soul, and Salem's Lot