Saturday, July 15, 2006


Not, of course, that there's any trouble in paradise or anything, but it looks like Guy Ritchie wasn't altogether comfortable watching Madonna dance with Lenny Kravitz. He stormed over, pulled the pair apart and "growled" "time to go home."

The suggestion is that he was jealous seeing his wife slow-dancing with her ex, but he may well have just been intervening before they pair hatched plans to record a duet. In which case, we should give that man five pounds from parish funds.

Meanwhile, this morning's Sun reports more worrying news for Madonna:

MADONNA may have to fill her kettle from a STANDPIPE after a water main burst outside her £6million mansion in Marble Arch, West London.

We can picture the scene:

Guy: It says here you might have to fill your kettle from a standpipe, love
Madonna: What the hell is one of those?
Guy: It's a type of temporary tap they use during water emergencies
Madonna: No, no - the other thing... what's a keckle?