Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Although the UN are busy trying to gather forces to prevent Peaches Geldof and her band from releasing records, there are more pressing matters for the music peacekeepers to turn their attention to.

Michelle Bass is about to release her 'debut single'.

Yes, we had to check, too - apparently she was on Big Brother 5 - that's the series before the series with the one who shoved the bottle up her front. But this isn't someone turning desperately to the music industry as a last gasp before Heat magazine delete her name from the spellchecker, oh no:

Michelle has shocked a lot of record label bosses with this dance/house track especially having some of the UK’s most well known DJ’s playing this track at the biggest raves and music festivals including last weekends V Festival. This song has also been played on Choice FM proving that this is a credible track. Michelle is due to follow in the footsteps of many other dance acts and is set to film one of the sauciest videos this country has ever seen.

It's a credible track, played by credible dj's (sic) - even on Choice FM, which just goes to prove how credible it is. However, it's still going to be given a tit-jiggling video. So, not quite credible enough to stand on its own merits, then?

[Via Popjustice]