Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Gillian ChungThis picture isn't, clearly, of Hong Kong pop starlet Gillian Chung in a changing room with her bits hanging out. That image appeared on the cover of Hong Kong magazine, Easy Finder, and seems to have been an invasion of privacy too far for the local celebrity community. Led by Jackie Chan, a magazine-burning protest has called for the government to take action:

Asked if he wants to see paparazzi photos banned completely, Chan said he believed celebrities should be held accountable for their actions.

"As public figures, we should allow our pictures to be taken. If we crash our cars when we're drunk, it serves us right. People should scold us. But for a girl to be photographed when she's in a changing room, such a private place, is despicable behavior," he said.

It seems that the local government might listen, too - certainly, they're making conciliatory noises:

Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang spoke out against the photos Tuesday.

"I identify with society's strong criticism of these tactics," he said.

The HK authorities have been considering taking action on grounds of obscenity, which misses the point a little.