Friday, August 25, 2006


"So this years Leeds festival is all about Love Not Riots according to organisers and so far it seems to be working.

Hometown heroes Forward Russia! sent out their support for the campaign during their set today.

Drummer Katie Nicholls donned the slogan on her drum skin and also told fans not to burn any toilets."

Much as we love Forward Russia - and we do, we'd break any law they care to name in acts of depraved nudity with them - it's a pity 6Music forget to mention that Love Not Riots is a campaign by two festie-goers, Zena Gardner and Amy Last, and nothing to do with the Mean Fiddler group. It remains to be seen how the kaisers will intergrate their Leeds set with this well-meaning attempt to stop people setting fire to chemical toilets, armed with nothing more than badges and a twee name - "I predict a riot, although not here, of course..."

NME give the girls a namecheck, alongside detailing Lady Sovereign's playing of an Ordinary Boys cover. We can't decide if lauding axis of Big Brother-Hello-Okay's Mr. Preston is an attempt to throw off the chav conotations, or a glorious final embrace. And an angling for an invite from Chantelle.

The NME Leeds Blog seems to be broken, consisting only of titles and posting times. Or maybe the idea is you write your own bit to fill in:

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It sounds like they've been eating catfood and having plastic surgery - you really do find all sorts of businesses pitched in the tented village, don't you? - but surely someone at Kings Reach Tower must have at least had a curious peek to see what was going on and spotted the rather obvious lack of, well, words, on the blog by now? Or will it have to wait until Tuesday when people go back to work?

The BBC Leeds Where I Live site is keeping an eye on goings-on in their patch, although being local media they're more interested in the weather forecast and traffic updates than the festival itself. Although:

Strangest sight so far - a man in full Santa regalia - it's too, too warm for head to toe red fur and false beards!

Although Santa doesn't actually wear a fur coat, does he? Or have fur, come to that, otherwise Morrissey would be trying to protect him.

Perhaps more astonishing than santa in August, Leeds Music Scene reveals that the trend for putting tickets for the next festival on sale as soon as possible has now reached a peak: Mean Fiddler announced plans to sell 2007 tickets before this year's festivals even started.

They must be hoping that the Love Not Riots campaign saves their asses - and their licence.