Friday, September 01, 2006


If you want to upset Kasabian - and, let's face it, we all need a hobby as the nights start to lengthen - you could try comparing them to Madchester bands.

They hate that:

“What I reckon it was, people put us in there with The Stone Roses because of the vibe we played when we arrived, but now we’re turning into a Led Zeppelin like rock and roll band.”

Referring to a publication comparing new track ‘Shoot The Runner’ to The Happy Mondays, Meighan ranted: “Its just shit journalism, I hate it. It’s shit. They are shit; they are shit at what they do. We’re not fucking Happy Mondays!

“We’re not fucking keyboard music; it’s got nothing to fucking do with it. You know, Shaun Ryder… all they did was fucking do dance beats man. We’re more than that, give us credit for fucks sake. You know I love the Mondays.”

“But come on, the fucking Stone Roses only had one fucking album you know, I don’t understand what the fuss is about… you know Mani will have my back on this one as well. It’s just laziness, man."

Well, actually, The Stone Roses had two albums, and the Mondays weren't just dance beats. But other than that, we know what you're saying.

And it is foolish to compare you with the Roses, who made a record which still pretty much defines its era. We'd think of you more as the modern take on the Mock Turtles, to be honest.

The Paris Angels at a stretch.


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