Thursday, September 21, 2006

Preston is a hypnotic zombie

We're uncomfortable with the claims that "sleeping pills" turned Preston out the Ordinary Boys into a hypnotic zombie":

A source close to him said: “Preston was amazed when he found blood on his pillow and saw what he had done to the room.

“He must have been sleep walking because he has no idea what happened. The pills can turn people into hypnotic zombies — that’s what must have happened.”

We're not happy with the "hypnotic zombie" bit - which would suggest a zombie attempting to hypnotise something or someone; we suspect the source-close-to-him meant a hypnotised zombie, but even that makes little sense: We're not, currently, Paul McKennna, but surely hypnotising a zombie is virtually impossible, like trying to sieve water?

Back to the point, though: Preston has been taking zolpidem for three years, and his behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic. Explaining the drugs, Victoria Newton manages to merge a piece on addiction hell with a My Fabulous Lifestyle flummer:

When I went to LA to cover the Oscars they were all the rage with A-listers taking them to get to sleep after heavy, ahem, partying sessions.

The other Ordinary Boys are concerned. Will J Brown was so concerned, he talked to the Sun about it:

“We’re worried what’s going to happen to him next.

“He’s been taking these tablets for too long. It’s getting to a dangerous stage where he is clinically addicted to them.

“As a band we are trying to wean him off them but it isn’t easy. We’re now going to have to get help from outside.”

You think? Still, at least you gave it three years of trying to get your drummer to sort the problem out - so at least you've explored every avenue before seeking professional assistance.

Hats off, by the way, to Ms Newton for scouring the album for drug references. And she didn't let coming away empty handed mean she was going to waste all the research:

Preston and his pals want to find an answer to the problem so much that one of the tracks on their forthcoming album appears to allude to it.

Ballad Of An Unrequited Self Love Affair has the line: “I am a danger to myself/let alone anyone else in it.”


Anonymous said...

I'm not an expert on addiction or anything, but this story appears to be a fearsome crock of crap: If Preston was addicted to these pillls wouldn't a protracted stay in, say, a permanently televised environment with no access to drugs be enough to cold turkey him out of his regrettable dependence on haliborange or whatever it is?

Isn't it more likely that he just wants to go to teh Priory for a bit because that's the best place to get a bloody book deal?

I think yes.

Anonymous said...

When he was in the BB house he went to the diary room nightly and was given a sleeping pill. Like many things on the game show, it wasn't shown. - Elvis

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