Thursday, September 28, 2006

Zeta-Jones dumped

Former David Essex collaborator Catherine Zeta-Jones is about to be dropped as T-Mobile's spokesperson in the US, according to reports.

Although nothing's been confirmed:

T-Mobile did not return calls or emails last night.

A spokesman for Zeta-Jones, 37, did not return calls.

That's probably down to T-Mobile's patchy coverage. We used to have trouble getting a signal when we were with them.

It could actually be worse for Z-J:

The Wall St Journal reported: "The company has decided to drop Ms. Zeta-Jones from its advertising in favor of a more man-on-street approach to marketing, people familiar with the matter say.

"Ms Zeta-Jones may continue to appear in some ads until her contract expires next year, but eventually she will be phased out."

Couldn't they just let her go home? The idea that she's going to be "phased out" is slightly alarming - like she's going to go the way of the one2one brand and disappear completely.

Actually, that doesn't sound that bad. Carry on, T.

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