Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jamelia: Hedge clippers or wire cutters?

Beware of how you shoot your mouth off in gossip columns, as those claims will come back to haunt you one day.

On Monday, Jamelia guest-edited the 3AM column in the Mirror, and boasted about how she was so certain she'd not be cheated on by Darren Byfield, she was confident saying she'd chop his balls off if she caught him playing an away fixture.

Today, the News of the World reckons it's got evidence that he'd been turning out for the B-team with "stunning Jaclyn Evans", telling her at the time he'd been offside on two other occasions.

Jaclyn, of course, has gone to the papers more in sorrow than in anger:

"I feel absolutely wretched at what this will do to Jamelia. But Darren's a complete bastard and she has to know the truth about him."

Also, we're sure the money helped with that feeling wretched.

The News of the World also feels terribly, terribly sorry for Jamelia:

This is just the latest pain for star Jamelia who had to overcome an abusive relationship with the father of her first daughter, now five.

It tries to perk her up by adding a photo of her in her knickers to the report, though.