Sunday, October 29, 2006

Prepare to be surprised... so very, very surprised

We can hardly believe it. No, really, we can't. Whoever would have thought that Keisha would ne sucking a thoughtful tooth and plotting a bale-out from the Sugababes?

I know, I know, but apparently that's what's on her mind:

"We all want to do solo careers.

"It is something we talk about a lot. We love what the girls in Destiny's Child did by going off and doing their own thing before reuniting again.

"I think we will be following suit - going off and then getting together again later. I am sure things will happen naturally."

We are impressed, though, that she's factored in the desperate reunion after the solo flop into the agenda, too. Wonder if she's booked out Butlins for 2010 yet?