Sunday, October 29, 2006

When Kittens unite

The news that Natasha Hamilton - she was in Atomic Kitten, older readers may recall - is plotting a wedding and aiming for the largest magazine deal of the year" is amusing enough. But she has set out to try and create a circle from which she will create a square by also setting her hat at ensuring there's "nothing tacky" about the day.

Unless that's just a coded way of telling Kerry not to bother stocking up on the quid-for-thity sausage rolls down Iceland (and, presumably, to not bother choosing a dress or even keeping the Saturday clear), it's hard to see how Hamilton hopes to score a large cheque from OK or Hello without introducing a massive element of tat to the proceedings - after all, "former Atomic Kitten weds Riad Erraji" is going to be of little interest to anyone besides My Scrabble readers unless at least two horses dressed as unicorns, some dwarves and Victoria Beckham get a look in.