Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All that you can't leave behind

Bono will be delighted that he's had a chance to reclaim his hat, as the courts once again tell Lola Cashman that she must return his hat and some other stuff.

Cashman insisted that Bono had given her the hat to keep:

During the appeal hearing, she claimed Bono was running around in his underwear backstage at the Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona on the last night of the tour when she asked him for the hat.

The court was told he "plonked" it on her head.

Clearly, though, she was lying as anyone who had seen Bono in his knickers would surely have clawed out their own eyes.

So, Bono gets back his tat, and only looks slightly more petty than we thought he might be.

Of course, it also demonstrates that the band were using a stylist as far back as twenty years ago, which does raise a question over to what extent U2's image is theirs, and how much is down to Lola Cashman. We wonder if she could bring a court action demanding that Bono returns her ideas and forces him to grow back the mullet?


Anonymous said...

The ideas Lola came up with when she worked for U2 legally belong to them because they paid her for them. This is standard.

U2 didn't sue Lola - she sued them. And she appealed her first loss and forced them back into court a second time.

karon said...

sir boneless ops I mean bono is an egotistical meglomaniac and control freak he harps on about poverty in africa yet has put a woman in England into poverty good old kevin sharky now thats a true humanatarian

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