Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How the Fall are mighty

Mark E Smith is about to release his autobiography, Renegade: The Gospel According To Mark E Smith, next April, followed by a series of short stories.

It's no mean feat for Mark E Smith to complete his own life story - to be honest, it'd be a surprise to discover he can remember where he lives, let alone what he was doing fifteen years ago.

Reformation, the new Fall album, will turn up in the first few weeks of 2007.

It's curious that the NME headlines all this activity as John Peel's favourite band announce new album - we'd love to see a pie chart showing the number of people who haven't heard of the Fall for whom the description as John Peel's Favourite Band would make them any more interested in reading the story. Presumably that's the 'big enough fan of John Peel to accept his posthumous recommendation but has never yet come across any of the sixty million raves about The Fall he's left behind him' demographic.