Thursday, November 16, 2006


It seems that we're destined to only get a new album from !!! every three years - presumably to give the people who rack the CDs in Virgin a chance to try and decide if they get put before or after iForward Russia! or not.

So, following on from 2001's !!! and 2004's Louden Up Now comes 2007, and Myth Takes. Angry Ape list the tracks like this:

01. Myth Takes
02. All My Heroes Are Weirdos
03. Must Be The Moon
04. A New Name
05. Heart Of Hearts
06. Sweet Life
07. Yadnus
08. Bend Over Beethoven
09. Break In Case Of Anything
10. Infinifold

It's one of life's less cruel ironies that a band with a name that is effectively "Oh, anything" come up with such neat track titles.