Thursday, November 16, 2006

What else is in the teaches of Peaches?

This comes from an interview from a few months back, but any insight into the thoight processes of Peaches Geldof are worth sharing, don't you think?

"I watched that film [Fahrenheit 9/11] and I felt disgusted the way he [Michael Moore] was so biased. He completely ridiculed him [Bush] and it's just like when you're in a playground and you're bullying a little kid.

"I was for the Iraq war. I supported Bush completely, which was quite, like my friends, like, hated me for that. Of course, it's terrible that millions of people have died, but if you think of Saddam Hussein and all the terrible things he's done, I mean something doesn't come from nothing. Everyone at school, like, a lot of people knew nothing about the war and were wearing T-shirts saying 'Fuck Bush' and saying 'Bush sucks'.

"I think people should be more informed before hating a person for something."

Let's leave aside the curious perspective that a man who signed off the dropping on depleted uranium and cluster bombs on civilian targets has been in some way "bullied" by a shouty bloke with an arthouse movie, and instead think for a moment about Peaches who, clearly is unlike those people at her school who "knew nothing about the war." Even if she does seem to think that "millions of people" died in the war - terrible though that would be.

Still, "something doesn't come from nothing". Unless, of course, it's intelligence on weapons of mass destruction.