Friday, November 17, 2006

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Apparently, the second Futureheads album was a flop - although I suppose it depends on what you were expecting it do. But certainly, the band felt it underperformed, says Barry Hyde:

"We were disappointed with what happened with our second album.

"We were absolutely ecstatic when we made it. We thought everyone was going to like it and that everyone would just accept the change and the progression.

"But it seems people weren't expecting it. They expected it to be a lot higher tempo and not as melancholic, as some songs are.

"But we made an album we wanted to do. We are dead proud of it and nothing will change that."

So... what next, then, Barry?

"What we are craving is to make a hard album. We are going back to punk gymnastics. I want to write Led Zep-style tunes with monster riffs."

So... the second album was a progression, which nobody much cared for. Which would mean that the third is a regression, right?

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