Sunday, December 10, 2006

This week just gone

Being Sunday, we must again collect the week on No Rock and Roll Fun.

The ten most-looked at individual news stories were:

1. Does KT Tunstall like girls?
2. Heather Mills porno past
3. Heather Mills naked present
4. McFly remove their trousers
5. Kooks "leaked email" turns out, disappointingly, to be just an amusing review
6. Bono wishes U2 were called something else
7. Grammy nominations list in full
8. Pete Doherty rows with man; man dies shortly afterwards
9. Amy Lee admits Evanessence albums were a bit samey
10. North Korea braces for iPod shortage

You can slurp the week in one page, or
skim the previous week in one post.

We've started our annual round-up of best of lists. It's the most statistical time of the year.

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We're not sure there is a present-buying problem to which "DVD of the Sultans of Ping reunion gig" is the solution

Einsturzende Neubaten live DVD. Best switch the home theatre sound off.

Collection of some of the best blogging moments of the year, drawn from a range of writers including (cough, cough) this one