Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hold the presses!

Victoria Newton has read this week's Grazia, and made a discovery so astonishing, she's decided "something I read in a magazine yesterday" is news:

KELLY OSBOURNE has revealed that mum SHARON used to send her poo to journalists.

Kelly admitted: "Mum used to make me and JACK shit in a box, then she’d wrap it up and send it to journalists she was angry with.

Goodness. You can see why Victoria would want this shocking revelation to get to a bigger audience. After all, it's not appeared in the Sun since, erm, last month, when another Sun journo read it in another magazine:

SHARON Osbourne has revealed her own unique way of taking revenge on critics — sending them boxes of her POO. The X Factor judge admits she parcels it up in a Tiffany box to send to enemies.

Sharon told a magazine: “I’ve done it for an awfully long time.

“I find it funny. I don’t just do it to anybody. They have to have done something really bad.”

We look forward to Victoria running the story again on February 13th.


karlt said...

Rather depressingly, this was considered front page news in the Guardian in December. La Newton probably got a grown up to read it to her.

Mikey said...

Can't remember the first time this story was trotted out. Perhaps in May last year, to coincide with Sharon's first solo autobiography? Or back in April 2003 when she did the Osbournes corporate autobiography?

Either way, it's got as much to do with 'news' as a wholesome young woman with her tits out.

So it belongs in The Sun.

karlt said...

Either way, if you were a journalist on the receiving end, you'd have to send a note back wouldn't you?

"Dear Sharon, many thanks for the Tiffany box with a poo in it. It was infinitely more entertaining than any of your family's awful fucking albums".

Anonymous said...

It's a VERY old story, I remember her talking about it in Q magazine once, and I haven't bought that for 8 years. It's the main thing I remembered her for before the TV show.

eyetie said...

Talking of old stories, strange how I haven't seen the oldest Ozzie comment about his wife being reprinted.

Asked by Kerrang in the 90s what he tells his wife after sex, he said: "I'll see you in half an hour."

Funny that.

HotstuffFiles said...

Is she stupid, or just dumb?

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