Thursday, January 11, 2007

Radio 2 finally reaches the end of 100 Best Tunes

The incredibly long-running Your Hundred Best Tunes, a staple of Sunday nights on Radio 2 since 1959, has been axed to make way for Melodies For You. Whose presenter, meanwhile, has been axed to make way for Alan Titchmarsh. Titchmarsh replaces current Melodies host Sheridan Morley, as part of the current plan by the BBC which will see Alan presenting every programme by 2013 ("a vital part of making the licence fee settlement work" explains Mark Thompson from his new White City ziggurat.)

Morley is promised other jobs at Radio 2 - nothing concrete, but we do hear that Jeremy Vine's office has got a pile of dirty mugs waiting to be washed - while current 100 Best Tunes presenter Richard Baker is leaving with only a "we wish him well" from Controller Lesley Douglas to keep him warm.

When we were childrens, we always seemed to hear a lot of 100 Best Tunes, but never enough to quite get to grips with what was going on - who was the "you"? How did they judge "best"? Did they have a fixed list? Did they start at the top, play it all the way through over a number of programmes, and then go to the start again? Or was there some bingo machine, popping out numbers and leading them to cue up track 73? And if the list wasn't fixed, how did you go about changing it? We suspect these mysteries may now never be solved.


Anonymous said...

Always good to see the word 'ziggurat' getting an outing. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how that show worked too. I'm assuming it didn't work in the same way that Channel 4's 'Hundred Best' shows worked, i.e. 30-second clips of each tune being played, followed by an unheard-of 'comedian'/'presenter' sitting in an expensive t-shirt, making stale quips about how he remembered it, somehow managing to crowbar in a reference to the A-Team or Space Dust.

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