Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ian McCulloch sends his CV to the makers of Grumpy Old Men

An interesting, almost heartbreaking interview with Ian McCulloch in the Independent sees him lurching between overblown Scouse pride and, well, just stupidity. Or, as James McCabe put it, he's "morphing into a cross between Victor Meldrew & that bloke who mutters to himself in the corner of the pub":

I believe in anti-Darwinism - otherwise why are there still monkeys?

I believe I should be in charge of what gets made and what doesn't in the film and music industries. About 90 per cent of music and films - by which I mean the money spent on making them - should be given to charity, because about 90 per cent is rubbish. We could be building a lot of hospitals with that money.

I believe Liverpool Football Club will win a major trophy this season because we usually do.

I believe David Dimbleby should be prime minister. He seems to know what he's on about and he looks more suave than most.

His views on policemen aren't recorded, but by the time he grumbles that you can never tell when shower gel bottles are running out (no, really) you can be pretty sure he's thinking they're looking younger these days.