Thursday, January 18, 2007

Turn that rock off, turn that rock off honey

There was a time when it seemed that, such was his determination to embody the rock and roll dream, Bobby Gillespie would end up dying on stage.

Now, though, he likes an early night and bit of quiet. Especially if Antiques Roadshow is on the High Definition. Indeed, he's petitioning to have his local pub turn it down, moaning that the Alma pub has been noisy after midnight:

"There was a live percussionist playing along with the records, the sound was of a very high frequency which reverberated into my bedroom and my children's bedroom. I found the repetitiveness disturbing and I was unable to sleep because of it."

A repetitive percussionist? No wonder he couldn't sleep, it must have been like his time in the Jesus and Mary Chain coming back to haunt him.

Gillespie added that a licence extension would mean that the pub was "disturbing the peace of our beautiful street and attracting noisy, drunk people to our area leaving the premises or coming into the area looking for a late-night drink - who are incidentally just [as loud] if not louder than the music being played".

Who was it who said "You have the right to party/ provided you don't mind some humiliation, investigation" again, Bobby?

[Thanks to Jana K for the storylink]


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