Saturday, February 03, 2007

Doherty apologises from the, uh, yeah, whatever

Earlier in the week, Pete Doherty's holiday snaps developed into a minor flurry of front-page stories what with the drugs and all.

Now, Pete's said he's sorry, sort of.

His "apology from the heart" might have been a little more convincing if he'd not burbled it out when he bumped into a cameraman as he was putting the rubbish out - nobody likes the staged, formal apologies of disgraced Conservative politicians, but this had the air of "yeah, I been meaning to apologise and if I can do it while putting the recycling out, that's two birds from one stone, innit."

The apology in full, then:

“Can I just apologise from my heart for that stuff that was in the paper. I was really out of my nut and that’s why I went into rehab.”

It's believed that he intends to say sorry to Kate Moss should he run into her at the bottle bank ("or failing that, I've got an old wardrobe needs taking down the tip.")