Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hey, Pete, where are you going with that gun in your hand?

Of course, of course Babyshambles have got a shotgun on their tourbus. When you're zooming about with underage girls and dealing drugs all over the place, why wouldn't you have a shotgun?

Victoria Newton links the shotgun to Pete, although the photos she's got of it being waved around like a pop-pop gun feature other Babyshamblers:

A source close to his band BABYSHAMBLES insists it is real, and that Pete himself bought it for £400 on the black market — as protection for the group.

Four hundred quid for a shotgun? What black market is he shopping on? You could get something capable of bringing down an aircraft for that kind of money.

But Victoria clearly knows her onions - she explains the difficult concept of "tourbus" for her readers:
The band use the bus to travel around the country for live shows.

That's brought up to speed the people who thought that, perhaps, Babyshambles used their tourbus to ferry pensioners about the Cotswolds from tea shop to tea shop.

Of course, Victoria doesn't - and, indeed, can't - say if the shotgun is capable of being fired, or ever been loaded.

But it is a bloody stupid thing to do. So how do we go forward? Victoria has an idea:
If Kate does know all about this then she should do the right thing immediately and report it to the police.

But Victoria: if you're so sure of your facts... erm, why haven't you gone to tell the cops?