Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Sun adds to "Sugababe rape hell" in its own way

This morning's exclusive in The Sun, where details have been added to the "pop star's sister in alleged rape" half-rumour story that's been floating around for a while leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. The paper claims that Samiya Berrabah has "bravely waived her right to anonymity", allowing it run a story identifying her, her sister (the Sugababe's Amelle) and the alleged suspects in the case. The background of the suspects has given the paper the chance to indulge in a spot of implied minority bashing, of course.

We can't help wondering what the circumstances under which Samiya waived her anonymity were - was it willingly, was it proactively or was it under a "friendly" suggestion that it would probably leak out anyway and it'd be best to try and keep control of the story? Did anyone explain to her that the story the paper has run could make it th harder to get a conviction if the case ever comes to court?

It all feels really tawdry.