Monday, February 26, 2007

Viacom cuts means no more faces on MTV2 US

The difficult times for pop music TV on both sides of the Atlantic continue; nobody in the UK is watching MTVFlux and the channel is starting to come across like Why Don't You:

This is the show that gives you the chance to be on the telly! If you have an interesting hobby or story that you want to share with Flux viewers, this is your chance.

That's five programmes a day where you can talk about your interesting hobbies. They especially want to hear from you if you are the best at hobbies. Weak lemon drinks at the ready.

In America, the cost crunch has led MTV2 to drop presenters, voiceovers and interviews altogether. Now, the idea of a channel which is videos, videos, nothing but videos is quite appealing - but does raise the question of what, exactly, MTV brings to the party that twenty minutes on YouTube doesn't already offer?