Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will Young ends half-century tradition

Kenwood House summer concerts - a fixture in the English calendar for fifty-five years - have been axed this year, amid fears that the crowd attracted by Will Young would upset local people.

The events, which helped plug an enormous gap between donations and running costs for the stately home in London, had been forced to scale-down last year after some people living nearby complained about the crowds and the noise. This is in Camden, mind you, rather than some leafy glen. English Heritage hope to be able to resume the event next year, assuming they don't cut their million quid a year losses and sell the lot for flats.


Anonymous said...

This is in Camden, mind you, rather than some leafy glen.

London Borough of Camden Council, maybe, but it is part of Hampstead Heath. see here and, depending on my skillz, it should be just in the middle of here.

CarsmileSteve said...

mmmm, leafy camden. camden has some of the widest variances in levels of deprivation in the country and whilst camden town itself is very deprived, primrose hill/hampsted etc are all still camden...</census geek>

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Well, yes, but... Primrose Hill is hardly quiet, is it?

Anonymous said...

I hardly think it was just Will Young who did that! Why has he got the blame as it was two years ago he was there? In the Telegraph on Sunday they mentioned Ronan Keating! I would have thought ALL the concerts would have been too loud whoever was performing.

Lovely house and grounds - terrible venue for a concert.

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