Saturday, March 24, 2007


The plans for a Diddy and Snoop tour of the UK have run into trouble, after the Home Office remembered all that trouble Snoop had ("caused") at Heathrow last year and have announced they won't let him in to the UK again. The Mirror has it that John Reid personally issued the ban, but if he really is getting involved in day-to-day details like this, it's no wonder his department is falling to pieces:

A Home Office source said: "This is not the first time that Snoop Dogg has been refused entry to the UK.

"He has a history of serious criminal activity in the US and is facing charges of possessing a firearm and having cocaine on his person. The Home Office does not treat people differently because they're celebrities.

"If Snoop Dogg does turn up at a UK port he will be turned away."

Despite him having smashed up a British airport and leaving under something of a crowd, organisers of the Diddy-Dogg tour are surprised that Snoop might be less than welcome at UK airports:
"P Diddy and Snoop cannot believe it. They've been all over Europe playing to over 100,000 fans without incident.

"They sincerely hope the government will reconsider. Snoop has said that if the UK dates go ahead he'll make donation to an anti-violence charity."

We love the wide-eyed, blinking innocence of this - "he's not attacked anyone at any of his own gigs, what would be the problem?"


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