Thursday, April 27, 2006


Funnily enough, we were at heathrow yesterday, although we saw nothing of the exciting scrambling of police dogs sent to break up Snoop's entourage there.

Apparently his squad wanted to get into a business lounge (hey, don't we all?) and when refused entry - why, it was like bedlschnizzleam:

One witness said: "It was absolute chaos - there was broken glass everywhere and it looked like it was on the brink of turning really nasty. It wasn't clear what sparked it but Snoop was livid."

Another said the rapper became incensed with his minders and "was having a real go at them, swearing and being abusive.

"His guys went mad, smashing glass and causing havoc.

"Police were there in a flash, swarming in from all directions with their truncheons at the ready. After a stand-off they were all led away."

If they were that desperate for an upgrade, they should have done what everyone else does and said it was their honeymoon.

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