Thursday, April 27, 2006


Paris Hilton has come across Pink since the Stupid Girls video which took the rise out of Hilton and her labradoodle-touting ilk; now, she's meant to introduce Pink at a pop festival. Ooh, could it be a clash? A fight?

"It could all kick off", said our spy. "Pink is known for her outspoken ways and Paris isn't one to shy away from confrontation."

yeah, we bet Pink is quaking in her spik-heel boots.

Did Paris even know it was meant to be about her? Surely she'd have needed to have had it explained to her?


Anonymous said...

Mr H B, what happened to Wednesday? I don't expect to come back from a day off work and find there's less XRRF than expected. Sort yourselves out.

Anonymous said...

Labradoodle? Have you ever seen a labradoodle? They are huge (and gorgeous). They are not Paris Hilton teeny dogs at all. Just stick to telling us that RW is not gay, it's safer

simon h b said...

Sorry, anonymous 1 - Wednesday was taken back by punk tribute band Taking Back Wednesday...

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