Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lights, cameras, no star, action

Busta Rhymes' move into acting from musician has hit a bit of a problem: New York police have refused to let him appear in a film being shot in the city, despite his starring role in the movie.

The cops officially say it's because they can't supply the cops it would take to protect him from fans, but it looks more like an act of spite after Rhymes refused to cooperate following the murder of Israel Ramirez a year ago.

[D]irector Jeff Celentano said: "This is tremendously unfair to Busta, who has been nothing but professional during this project. This is a bigger loss for the city of New York."

He hasn't refused to co-operate with a single murder enquiry during the whole time he's been making this film; give him a break, eh? We especially love the suggestion that New York will somehow be diminished by the failure to allow one rubbish rapper take a role in some b-movie on a stick. Can you hear Jersey City laughing at you yet, Manhattan?