Monday, February 06, 2006

RAPOBIT: Israel Ramirez

One of Busta Rhyme's bodyguards, Israel Ramirez, has been fatally wounded outside a soundstage where Rhymes, Missy Elliot and other were filming a new video. Nobody seems to know what caused the violence - although if we were police, we'd suggest they start their enquiries with "gun-obsessed dickwads running around with guns for no real reason."


Eyetie said...

It that case they will probably end up arresting the dead guy's employer and his industry rather than the killers. Given that they were probably aiming for Busta, they should focus on people running from the scene holding white sticks and with labradors in tow.

Anonymous said...

Our pedantry correspondant writes

Why would they have their labradors in tow? Surely the labradors would be in front?

eyetie said...

You have a point. While some people in that situation might stand there, smoking gun in hand, saying "What's that, Shep? We missed Busta by a country mile but shot his buddy instead and now they're chasing after us? Oh dear. Where's the nearest exit?", others with more of a self-preservation instinct may leg it back the way they came probably without informing Shep beforehand.

Isn't it "correspondent"?

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