Friday, March 30, 2007

Sugababes: Like the Lib Dems, only with better shoes

The 3AM Girls hail the Sugbabes this morning:

DRESSED in sexy space-age gear by Pinko and not afraid to make tough political points, Sugababes proved they still rock at The Point in Dublin on Tuesday.

Yes, surprisingly, they unveiled a song "Miliband Must Run", accompanying its debut with pictures of Gordon Brown with "fiscally incompetent" written on his forehead.

Oh, hang on... no, they didn't:
Stronger was accompanied by images of children they met on their Comic Relief trek to South Africa this year. A Make Poverty History advert was projected on the screens afterwards. Heidi told us: "That trip to Africa changed my life."

It's wrong for people to starve to death. Yes, that's a difficult political point.

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