Thursday, April 05, 2007

Arctic Monkeys attack daytime Radio One

We're a little bit surprised that the Arctic Monkeys are even bothering to have a pop at Radio 1, to be honest; we thought they were a bit above that. Mind you, the Victoria Newton thinks it's more than that - why, it's practically career suicide:

Radio 1 — the station who gave them a huge helping hand when they were mere marmosets — are the latest victims of a tongue lashing from the Sheffield scamps.

And I reckon the criticism won’t go down to well with the likes of DJs CHRIS MOYLES, JO WHILEY, ZANE LOWE and SCOTT MILLS.

Erm... Victoria, do you remember all those articles about how the Arctic Monkeys use computers and stuff? And how their fanbase existed before they started getting network coverage? This is more on a par with, say, Duran in the 80s attacking something like Radio Humberside - a little odd that the band would bother, but hardly going to ruin their lives.

What's more interesting is Jamie Cook's decision to have a go at something he admits he knows nothing about:
“English radio is terrible, and Radio 1 plays a lot of crap music.

“I realised that the other morning when I had the radio going.

“Even music I don’t usually listen to, like hip-hop, is obviously bad at the moment.

“There is no real hip-hop anymore.”

Judging the state of hip-hop from listening to Chris Moyles is like trying to follow the news by watching Fox. Tomorrow, we expect he'll be offering an opinion on the state of Austrian choral music.

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