Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ugly Betty

I'm sorry, but you had to see this with your own eyes. Vogue has slapped Johnny Borrell on its cover - apparently the seventh man in Mode, sorry Vogue, history to be on the front - although, to be honest, it looks like the cover is really Natalia Vodianova, and he's just there as a prop. A tool, you might even say.

After all, if Vogue is meant to be ahead of the fashion loop, why would they focus on a bloke who wears the same thing every time he goes out, and who has been wearing that (cheap white jeans, no shirt) for the last three years?

And the photo? Jesus, if this was America's Next Top Model and this was his best shot, they'd be sending him back to the model house to pack his little vanity case without even bothering with a critique. Nigel Barker would chase him out with a broom.

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