Monday, April 30, 2007

Extremists Christians try to cut 50 Cent down from the cross

With so much misery, poverty and suffering in the world, you'd have thought that Christians would pretty much have their hands full. Not so, apparently, as The Resistance have elected to spend their days trying to get 50 Cent to stop wearing his big diamond cross. Mark Dice, leader of the self-styled Resistance, explains:

"50 Cent is no Christian, and if you listen to his lyrics it becomes clear that he is more of a Satanist than anything.

“He is defaming the cross and committing blasphemy by wearing it while he raps about killing people for no reason because he’s a big bad ‘gangster.’ I think a large diamond studded platinum satanic pentagram would be a little more fitting for him."

Then, of course, the Back In Control Center could run a campaign condemning him for wearing Satanic symbols.

This is all a little bit silly - all crucifixes may be crosses, but not all crosses are crucifixes, and to suggest that a slightly camp piece of jewellery is blasmphemous is more than a little absurd. Since when did any special-interest group hold domain over an entire geometric shape?


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