Monday, April 16, 2007

Josh Homme doesn't much like Sharon Osbourne

Ozzfest wouldn't be Ozzfest without a disgruntled rock god falling out with Sharon Osbourne, and to mark the 2007 free version of the festival, Josh Homme is doing the falling:

"I won't be playing Ozzfest again - they treat the bands like shit.

"This year you get to play for free under the guise of, 'We're doing it for the fans!' But it's really for the people who fan Sharon and Ozzy with palm fronds at their house."

That's totally unfair. They've not just got one house, have they?

Sharon, of course, has responded with a dignified silence. Oh, alright, she hasn't:
"I hope he gets syphilis and dies. I hope his dick fuckin' falls off so his mother can eat it."

We can't imagine how ITV haven't brought her back for cosy teatime chat.

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Anonymous said...

Josh's probably laughing his ass off. What's she going to do, send him one of her famous "packages?" This is the guy who said that "only pussies call the cops."

He's beem slagging her for years about Ozzfest. Apparently she treats the crews like crap.

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