Sunday, April 01, 2007

Let's go round again: Ringo's house

It's probably lucky I'm just a bloke doing a music website and not, say, someone with a serious council tax problem, as it seems Liverpool City Council has tremendous trouble with its outgoing email.

Still, after mentioning here that we were still waiting for a response from Flo Clucas about the mystery of Ringo's house, we had a response within a few hours:

The essence of the response was:
Both responses are correct. A new home has been found for the house, NML is delighted to have the prosepect of utilising it as indeedd they wrote to me some 15 months ago.
However we are currently in a legal process as far as a CPO is concerned and until that process is complete, no decision is made.
Best wishes
PS I have not had the Housing Portfolio for more than a year, so will not be in a position to respond to questions related to Housing.

So, that does sort of square the circle: when I was told back in January 2006 that "this has been done", it was "done" in the sense of "it hasn't been done yet". This is our response:

Thanks for your reply - we really don't seem to have much luck with our email communication, do we? When I wrote to you in 2006, I seem to remember it was only the third time I contacted you that your response to me made it through the system.

Anyway, cheers for your clarification - I'm still not sure "this has been done" in 2006 and "no decision has been made" in 2007 can simultaneously be accurate, but I suspect that might just be me over-reading too much into the earlier phrase.

My apologies for tugging on your coat-tails with a housing matter - I'd assumed since you had been quoted in the Daily Mirror and the Liverpool Echo on the matter of Ringo's house at the start of this year it was still in your remit. Who should I now address my enquiries towards on this issue? I'm still very interested to get a response to the question about the cost of this project, and who will be funding it.

Thanks again for the reply,


As ever, we'll let you know when we get a response.


Anonymous said...

The houses owners as do the names of the parties/companies/organisations seem to change every 6 months, maybe something about a rolling stone gathers no moss, the properties which had been passed from the council to one of the local parties involved have now supposedly been passed back to the councils ownership probably as some sort of short cut to a demolition through government loopholes that apply to council properties only.

The council doesn't even have any planning permission for these plans which they've been threatening everyone with for years now! They probably just hoped they would scare everyone out then could do what they wanted.

Home owners are planning to take this to the High Court once the planning permission is waved through (at high speed no doubt) & then the CPO's sent out to home owners with a paltry offer for their lifetime homes due to the market being depressed by these majority property owners placing the worst kind of tenants they could seem to find to depress the area more & encourage home owners out who would have to sell to them cause no one else wanted to live next to their tenants thus decreasing property prices more and more.


Anonymous said...

p.s. if the houses are un suitable why are the local HMR (dont know what to call them now, LiVe supposedly) renovating the 2 houses they own on the side of Kelvin Grove they can't knock down into luxury apartments i wonder?

Bying Lastards B¬D

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