Thursday, April 12, 2007

The only living boys in New Cross

Last night's Property Ladder featured all manner of ill-advised ideas - garages too small for cars, baths with pulsing colours built into the sides, kitchens with no doors and pokey hallways instead of open rooms. None of these ill-advised ideas, though, can hold a torch to Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine reforming.

The image we're having is men in their early forties chanting "you fat bastard" over and over, all the while pulling in their own middle-aged stomachs.


CarsmileSteve said...

dude, they (ok, "we") were chanting it at STEVE LURPACK when he introduced them at the 4 for Wiz gig,so i don't think relative girth has much to do with it.

i am SO looking forward to it though, the four songs at the wiz gig just whetted my appetite.

at least they are saying it's properly actually just a one-off, like the poppies did a couple of years ago and that was BRILLIANT as well ;)

Ctelblog said...

Inspired linkage of Property Lader to Carter USM. The image you have is undoubtedly correct plus or minus five years [desperately holds stomach in]

Nevertheless, they came up last night on the iPod shuffle and live they were a great proposition. Their cover of Rent can't be beaten. "You took me to a restaurant Fulham Broadway" Classic

Paul said...

I know a lot of Carter fans who will be at this gig, and I am very sad to report that a lot of them are still rather skinny.

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