Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paint a Vulgar Picture

According to the Manchester Evening News, The Smiths are going to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame next year. This could mean a reunion - or at least the load of them stood together on the same stage.

We're not so sure we're as confident in the tale as the MEN's Adam Moss is.

Admittedly, it's the first year that the Smiths have passed the eligibility criterion of having formed 25 years ago, so they could be up for it this year. However, since you not only have to be nominated, but also pass the voting stage (around 600 industry experts get to weigh the nominees), it's possibly a little bit early to be suggesting the Smiths will definitely be inducted. As this year there was some suggestion that the voting was rigged, with some votes being ruled ineligible to shut out the Dave Clark Five and finally allow a rap act into the Hall (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, if you're curious), it's probable that even if the figures are going to be manipulated to shoo-in Morrissey and the boys, it's unlikely they'd be drawing attention to the fix by telling people "they're in" before nominations have even closed.

And would the band really come together again? Sharing a stage after Morrissey described Rourke and Joyce as "session musicians who could be replaced like parts of a lawnmower"?

Even assuming the bitterness could set aside, how crushing would it be to the legions of fans who've kept a special place for the Smiths in their hearts all these years to see the band come together for a reunion at one of the most self-congratulatory insider events of the year?

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Unknown said...

Imagine Morrissey's seething bitterness if they were up for the vote and got beaten though - that'd probably be material for another 2 albums! He only just seems to have got over his tiff with the magistrates.

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