Thursday, April 19, 2007

Von Sudenfed on YonTube

Just popping up on YouTube is a video for Fledermaus Can't Get It by Von Sudenfed. If you're still sat here going "and I should click why?", Von Sudenfed are a Mouse On Mars/Mark E Smith collaborativey side project type thing. This is the first track from the resulting album Tromatic Reflexxions. You can't really knock that, can you?

[Edit: we transposed our mice. Sorry.]

[EDIT: Let's just embed this, shall we?]


Anonymous said...

Mouse on Mars, I think you'll find -- regardless, thankyou for the mental image of Mark E Smith and Johnny Marr inadvertently finding themselves in the same band. Forced to sort out decades of musical differences before the big show down at the orphanage. That sort of thing.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes. That'll teach me to blog while watching Boston Legal.

It was the mad cow.

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