Sunday, April 01, 2007

Small distubance at McCartney home; nobody injured

According to this morning's News of the World, there was a minor security scare at Paul McCartney's Sussex house this week when a person suffering from a mental illness attempted to drive his car into the grounds.

Well, we say "a person suffering from mental illness" - the NOTW reckons it was a "RAGING madman" or, on more sober reflection, a "middle-aged Beatle nut." McCartney wasn't apparently in any danger - he wasn't at the house at the time, and security staff and police stopped the man getting in. Indeed, with the cops charging through country lanes chasing the guy, it sounds like Paul McCartney was actually in less danger than the rest of us.

The intruder has been detained under the mental health act.

Apparently, there's been an increase in the number of people turning up at the house looking odd recently - not, we're sure, in any way attached to the number of times the papers talk about the house. Helpfully, today's NOTW publishes a handy aerial shot of the house to illustrate its tale of "attempted assassination", alongside the handy nugget that you can get to the house by cutting through the trees. It's almost as if they're hoping for a state funeral.

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