Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As if the loss of X isn't bad enough...

It's hard to believe, but 5ive's comeback is over, too. It's harder to believe that they bothered to officially announce that they're not bothering any more, though:

"It is with deep regret that FIVE today announce that their comeback is no more. The band have decided to call it a day, seven months after reforming. They would like to apologise to all their fans throughout the world for any disappointment caused. Despite considerable broadcast interest in a reunion television series being secured, an album being half-way completed and a world tour in the final stages of confirmation, Ritchie, J, Abz and Scott feel that they cannot continue together.

A huge amount of hard work and effort went into the band's reformation, but with the state of the music business as it is and with decent record deals being so difficult to procure, the band were really left with no other option than to split."

So... in other words, nobody wanted to release the record, nobody wanted to make a programme about them, nobody wanted them, so even the four who had turned up can't be arsed to do it any more. It's lucky 5ive were already a bit of a laughing stock, otherwise they'd have had a legacy to piss away.

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Anonymous said...

But there's only 4 of them mentioned by name. What happened to the cardboard cut out?

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