Sunday, May 13, 2007

Barat: Libertines reunite - if Doherty remains alive

Tucked into the "isn't the art world crazy" report on Pete Doherty's paintings, Zoe in the Sunday Mirror catches up with Carl Barat, the Bewes to Pete's Bolam:

"Pete ended up in the nick last week - I don't think he'll ever change.

"I love Pete like a brother and I am working with him again. But he could end up dead in a few years if he doesn't sort himself out.

"We were in the studio last week and should have something by the end of next year."

You'd have to question the nose for a story of someone who gets a juicy 'Libertines reunion - by the end of next year' story from the horse's mouth, and buries it in a ho-hum 'the prices on modern art' piece.

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Anonymous said...

Then again, an article which predicts with any certainty what Pete will be up to next week, never mind next year, is only fit for the Sunday "Bus found on moon" Sport and National Enquirer.

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